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Employment for mature age workers

    Denise and Elinor at smiling at OCTEC office

    Macleay (Kempsey) – February 2018

    Mature age workers can be an asset to any business, bringing experience, knowledge and maturity. However, they can experience age discrimination. OCTEC and our consultants work with mature-aged job seekers, helping them find opportunities and gain skills they need for a new career.

    Denise came to the OCTEC Kempsey looking to try something new. Denise was working one day per week at a local Neighbourhood Centre. While she wanted to work more hours, she was scared to put herself forward.

    After finding a program to help, Denise really wanted to work in the Neighbourhood Centre’s Financial Counselling program. However to do this, she needed specific qualifications to achieve this goal.

    OCTEC’s Kempsey office Consultant, Elinore, worked with Denise and the Neighbourhood Centre to achieve this goal. They looked at avenues for Denise to work additional hours and explored training options to help her.

    With assistance and encouragement from Elinore, Denise started working two days per week at the Neighbourhood Centre. With Centre’s support she enrolled in a Certificate IV in Community Services (Financial Counselling) at TAFE.

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