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Caring for a young child while finding employment

    James and Linden smiling

    The Entrance (Central Coast – 22 December 2017

    It can be hard being a young parent finding employment.

    James Edwards commenced with Transition to Work as a 21 year old Indigenous principal carer parent.

    As a single parent James was concerned about finding a job that would allow him to continue caring for his child.

    His consultant Linden Drew took this on board. Linden advised James that he would do his best to find an employer who would understand James’ needs.

    Local employer Panarotti’s Pizza Pasta at Tuggerah interviewed James after Linden did some face to face marketing. James was successful in gaining the position.

    The change in James’ outlook and the new found confidence he displayed as a result of working is something the team are proud to be involved with.

    Being a young parent finding employment can be made easier with OCTEC Limited.

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