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Pushing through the Barriers

    Deb and Brodi standing and smiling with a certificate

    Meet Deb. Deb is a strong-willed, spirited go-getter who has longed to get back into the workforce since 2018.

    Deb suffers from a spinal disorder with constant severe backpain as well as dyslexia and comprehension issues, needing help to fill in forms and to comprehend newly read information. Deb got in touch with OCTEC to help her get back into the workforce and met Brodi, her OCTEC consultant.

    The next steps

    Brodi suggested to Deb to complete a Certificate III in Individual Support with Alffie (training organisation). Deb was at first hesitant as she had no basic computer skills, struggled retaining new information and no confidence in herself that she could finish it.

    Brodi talked through the course with Deb and purchased her a notebook to write all her notes in. This way Deb will be able to revisit the notes whenever she needed.

    Deb and Brodi sat down 3 days a week to complete the modules, Brodi always there for Deb if she needed.

    As each week and month went by, Deb became more confident in her reading and computer skills as she saw improvements.

    WHERe to now

    Deb has now completed semester 2 of her Certificate III in Individual Support with 3 revisions left to complete the course.

    The change in Deb so far is inspiring. Her confidence and motivation has improved drastically along with her skills and learning.

    The next step for Deb and Brodi after completing the course will be finding a job that Deb loves.