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Ongoing Support makes a big difference for Andrew

    One of our lovely QLD consultants, Ingrid, received the following message from one of OCTEC’s participants that she has been supporting. Ingrid’s response was “it had me beaming from ear to ear”.

    “I’ve had a few rough years lately and haven’t always felt like there was hope for any change in my situation. The pressure felt from within and others was quite unbearable due to my own mental health issues and this was a challenging time to get through to say the least.

    To have your support and guidance through what I see now as the end of these times has been, and is, immeasurably appreciated. Just to have the encouragement to do the little things to stay focused on change for the better really had nothing but a positive effect on where I am now.

    I’m now almost half way through a science diploma with a view to continue on to a degree. This was virtually an unthinkable position to be in even eighteen months ago. Your help and support has been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. Even with the situation the world has found itself in this year, just the simple act of calling for an appointment and checking in on me during those times gave me a sense of still being part of society and eased the isolating situation a great deal of us found ourselves in.

    Outside of my family, I feel you have been the greatest support for me in getting to the better situation I now find myself in. For that I cannot thank you enough and am eternally grateful.

    Thank you once again to you and the Octec team for all your help. It is truly appreciated.”

    Andrew, OCTEC Participant