We are a free service funded by the Federal Government

OCTEC’s Disability Employment Service (DES) assists people
with injury or health conditions to secure real jobs and create meaningful careers.

“We’re not-for-profit and 100% Australian”

We invest in local communities and in working with local people like you.

‘We’re About Creating Careers”

You will be partnered with an experienced OCTEC consultant to:

  • - develop your career goals
  • - develop a winning resume
  • - match you to available jobs
  • - discuss any training you may need or want
  • - organise and support you at interviews
  • - arrange work trials
  • - provide support after you have started work

‘We’II meet your individual needs”

We will help you connect with other services, recognising your individual needs
and respecting your age, status, background and culture.

Contact Us

If you have an injury or health condition and are looking to find a job, or if you know of
someone in this situation, OCTEC Disability Employment Services may be able to assist.

1800 258 182