Biz Support Packages

OCTEC recognises that recruiting and training new staff is an expensive and time-consuming process. In response, we have developed customised Biz Support Packages that assist employers to meet the considerable resource investment that goes into employing new staff.

This investment goes far beyond the wages of the new staff member. It also includes the costs of advertising positions, training new staff, providing them with uniforms and PPE, allocating a mentor or buddy to support their integration into the workplace, and the lost productivity that results from skilled staff being diverted from production to supervision and training.

OCTEC’s Biz Support Packages help employers meet this investment through financial assistance with the costs of workplace mentors, initial workplace training, uniforms and PPE, as well as through the provision of post placement support to address any issues before they become problems. Biz Support Packages can also include wage assistance during the early stages of employment when new staff are learning the ropes and working towards becoming fully productive.