Get your business back on its feet during Covid-19

Businesses are going through a lot of uncertainty with the future of jobs and business viability.

Our Biz Support Packages are here to help your business rebuild.

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Why Choose Biz Support?

Training Support

We ensure your new employees are provided with initial and ongoing training and development so they become long-term productive members of your business. Training is customised to your business and new employee which can include financial support, accredited training certificates and future training pathways.

Employee Wage Assistance

We understand there are considerable costs involved in employing a new staff member including job advertising, interviewing and commencing employment. That is why our Biz Support Packages can provide financial support to help you employ a new staff member.

Mentorship & Ongoing Support

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What Employers are saying:

OCTEC provide us with a greater pool of potential staff and staff of a higher quality. We have better retention rates and receive good customer service.

Manager - Parkes Country Cabins

We take work skills for granted, but without OCTEC, job seekers would have less of a chance. We are working with OCTEC to help make a difference.

Director - Happy Feet Childcare

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