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Reece was 42 years old when he initially
commenced with OCTEC in Corio. He had
transferred to OCTEC from another provider.
Reece had been diagnosed with MS and had some
physical limitations in his left leg. He was also
managing diabetes. However, Reece had a positive
outlook and our assessment showed he was keen
to work in the disability sector.

Reece’s OCTEC Consultant Gareth assisted him to
complete a Certificate IV in Disability Services.
Gareth then began reverse marketing Reece to a
local disability provider. OCTEC negotiated wage
subsidies to enable a new position to be created
for Reece so he could be employed in a part-time
capacity. Post-placement support commenced and
Reece really enjoyed feeling valued and
empowered. He relished the chance to give
something back, and to work alongside people
with a disability. And best of all, thanks to OCTEC,
he now has a job that he finds fulfilling.

Good News Story - Reece

Amanda Corner was referred to OCTEC in May
2019. With barriers including PTSD, anxiety and
depression, Amanda felt her chances of finding a
job were limited. She met with one of our mentors
and the pair began working through Amanda’s
goals and her barriers. Using OCTEC’s cognitive
assessment tools, Amanda and her mentor began
to discover Amanda’s vocational aspirations and
this helped build her confidence.

Amanda identified community services as a sector
which interested her. To improve her skills and to
secure a qualification, OCTEC referred her to a
local RTO specialising in community services and
health courses. She enrolled in a Certificate III in
Disability. Amanda gained her qualification and this
led to a job placement with a local aged care
provider. She was placed into employment and,
thanks to our post-placement support, remained
employed for over 12 months and left employment
services. With a regular income, Amanda is now
planning for a family holiday to the UK, once COVID
travel restrictions are lifted.

Good News Story - Amanda

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