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By OCTEC ParentsNext Wivenhoe Regional Manager, Peta Mullins – raised $1,000

Nine people are lost to suicide every day in Australia. Unfortunately, I’ve lost four friends to suicide within just one decade.

If you have struggled with your own dark passenger, have lost someone or comforted someone grieving the loss of a loved one, there is hope. We can help to make a difference. Taking part in the Out Of The Shadows Walk on 10 September, and raising money for 24-hour crisis support hotline Lifeline, was my latest attempt to make a difference.

I walked to remember Travis, who was best man at my wedding. He was the joker of our group and a single dad of a 14-year-old girl, who had recently found love and was running a successful business. Without warning, he took his life.

I walked to remember Travis’s sister Cint, a caring mother, sister and daughter, who roughly a year after losing her brother, took her own life. Again, we had no idea she was struggling aside from the grief we were all experiencing.

I walked to remember Jaz, a young mother who was experiencing post-natal depression, had separated from her partner and couldn’t see an end to her suffering.

And, I walked to remember Robyn, the happiest girl of my teen friends group. We would all sing ‘Rockin’ Robin’ together. She was so much fun and had an infectious giggle. I still can’t say why she took her life. This was another tragedy we never saw coming. She left behind beautiful and very young children.

I remember sitting with Jaz and Robyn’s mother, their sister and my best friend Katie, thinking how does this keep happening? Two sets of siblings from two families just in my own immediate circle just gone.

Chances are someone you know, work with, or possibly YOU right now are struggling. I beg you to please say something to your love ones or colleagues or call Lifeline. You are important. You are loved. And the loss of life is shattering.

Following the walk, I am asking for your donations, as together we can ensure that no one has to face their darkest moments alone. I continue to walk in remembrance those we have lost to suicide and to help anyone in crisis.

Make a difference by donating here to support 24-hour crisis support hotline Lifeline: 


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