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Assist Victorians with a flexible, outcome-focused support that’s tailored to you and overcome employment barriers. One-on-one mentoring focuses on your aspirations and capacity in this voluntary program. We equip you for the workplace. By matching jobseekers to employers, we focus on supporting both parties in a collaborative approach.

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  • Live in Victoria
  • Haven’t been employed for six months or more
  • Face barriers that inhibit employment
  • Australian citizen or appropriate visa holder


How we help you

  • Pre-employment support tailored to your needs and aspirations
  • Job-matching and placement into employment
  • Connection to local support services
  • Strong employer engagement


Big thanks to the team at OCTEC Harvey Bay. Never have I had genuine support from any employment agency ever.



I’ve become somewhat introverted over the years, and as I expressed to you, felt quite overwhelmed by the level of encouragement and support you presented. It’s a lot to process. I’m looking forward to working toward a new level of change in my life.



Thank you for your help and support this year and, we hope, into the New Year as well. In thinking about the DES Providers that Bradley has used, I have to say that you and OCTEC are by far the best.



Thank you to OCTEC and [Mentor] Fariza for all the support provided to me … I come from having no money to now having money … this is very exciting for me.

AhlamOCTEC Jobs Victoria



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Service Type

OCTEC Albury

531a Kiewa Street, Albury NSW, Australia

OCTEC Armidale

111 Marsh Street, Armidale NSW, Australia

OCTEC Auburn

shop 10/24 Northumberland Road, Auburn NSW, Australia

OCTEC Ballina

4/191 River Street, Ballina NSW, Australia

OCTEC Balranald

95 Court Street, Balranald NSW, Australia

OCTEC Bankstown

3/2 Meredith Street, Bankstown NSW, Australia


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