Nurbe flees violence for safety, with OCTEC’s help

Meet Nurbe,

She is an asylum seeker who faced any challenges when looking for work. Having a Culturally and Linguistically diverse (CALD) background, she found it hard to find tackle find a job.

Struggling to maintain work since she arrived in Australia, OCTEC Jobs Victoria assisted her to find long term employment.

Nurbe is a survivor.

As an asylum seeker, she had always struggled to find work.

Her low-level of English and skill base had been limits in the past.

OCTEC’s Jobs Victoria mentors are there to help disadvantaged jobseekers on a path to employment and self-sufficiency.

She was referred to OCTEC Jobs Victoria through a local refugee and migration service.

Nurbe arrived in Australia from Burma in 2013. Always struggling to find work, and without access to income support, life was a major struggle for her.

With low-levels of English literacy, she needed the right mentor to help her on a path to secure work.

In December 2021, Nurbe commenced with OCTEC in Dandenong and met her Jobs Victoria Mentor, Ajay Kumar.

Despite her barriers and lack of work experience, Ajay was impressed by her positive attitude.

To assist Nurbe make ends meet, Ajay put her in contact with local community services providers and he encourage her to attend the office frequently.

He spent time with her, working through the job search process and helping her contact potential employers.

Nurbe received rejection after rejection, but she had Ajay’s mentoring to keep her positive and on track.

Ajay contacted a local labour hire company, which had a client employer looking for laundry workers. Importantly, the work site was close to where Nurbe lived, reducing the barrier associated with her lack of transport. She was successful, and offered the job.

The mentoring relationship continued after Nurbe was placed and Ajay maintained contact with her and her employer as a part of our Jobs Victoria post placement support. As of May 2022, Nurbe has been working for more than three months and is going from strength-to-strength.


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