Shane O’Driscoll – OCTEC Jobs Victoria

If we could duplicate Shane, we’d have ten of him. He’s just fit in really well. He thinks on his feet, he never says no. He looks at what has to be done and helps everybody out.”

Russell Bald, Bakery Republic Site Manager

About 15,000 pies and eight tons of garlic bread per day are just the beginning of what Shane O’Driscoll now handles at the Bakery Republic. The former sander came to OCTEC Jobs Victoria Frankston in February, after being unable to find work by himself. Shane has a pre-existing shoulder injury which was a concern for many potential employers.

Bakery Republic found a role to suit Shane and his condition, as a process worker in the Sunshine factory.

Shane worked with OCTEC Jobs Victoria Workforce Development Co-ordinator Anna Alberico on his resumé and interview skills. They also discussed the challenges he faced trying to find a good and stable job, and how to work past them.

Once Anna knew about the Bakery Republic opening, she got in touch with Shane straight away to see if he would be interested. When the position appealed to him, Anna proceeded to market his suitability, qualifications and work experience to site manager Russell Bald. He interviewed Shane, and was happy to hire him.

Anna’s support and quick action was a massive boost to Shane’s confidence. OCTEC Jobs Victoria bought Shane clothing and boots so he could commence work as soon as possible.

Shane is now regarded as an integral part of the Bakery Republic team, given his efficiency, good communication skills and ability to pitch in where needed to get the job done. Shane has high standards of cleanliness associated with food products and ensures policies are followed according to Bakery Republic’s requirements. Personally, he’s overcome workplace barriers very quickly. He is also building strength through high productivity. He says his new role is actually helping his shoulder heal!

Russell values Shane as an employee, saying he’s hit the ground running, creates a great culture within the workplace whilst still managing to meet deadlines and work commitments.

“If we could duplicate Shane, we’ve have ten of him. He’s just fit in really well. He thinks on his feet, he never says no. He looks at what has to be done and helps everybody out,” he said.

On Anna’s post placement visits to the factory, Shane continues to thank Anna and OCTEC Jobs Victoria for getting him into a position that he sees himself staying in long term, as well as making the recruitment process a seamless experience.


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