Wes seizes opportunity

It was February 2023 when Wes Nevin first came to OCTEC Jobs Victoria in Werribee, after being referred by a friend. He had not worked since 2015 and had significant barriers including criminal history, family issues and he was at risk of homelessness.

At OCTEC, Wes met with Hilary, his Jobs Victoria Mentor, and Tony, OCTEC Workforce Development Coordinator. It turns out, Tony and Wes had met before. “I recognised Tony,” Wes remembered. “We’d worked together about ten years earlier, when he was at another agency.”

Despite a long history of unemployment, as well as significant barriers, including not being able to drive, both Hilary and Tony knew Wes was someone willing to learn and eager to gain suitable employment. He had family responsibilities and was motivated to settle into secure employment. He had a positive attitude. He deserved to be given an opportunity. Hilary, Tony and Wes began discussing potential employer options, considering where Wes would be best suited.

Tamar Cabinets is a manufacturing business based in Braybrook. General Manager, Richard said, “We really appreciate the support of OCTEC Jobs Victoria. Over the past few years, finding employees has been really challenging, and finding people who wanted to work, through OCTEC’s resources has been really appreciated.”

Tony introduced Wes to Richard, and an interview was conducted. Richard, knowing the support that OCTEC provides, felt Wes would be a good match for the business. “Wes came across as a genuine type of person,” Richard remembered. “He just needed an opportunity.”

The Tamar Cabinets team began training Wes on various tools and processes. Tony and Hilary provided post placement support. And Wes has settled well into his new role, impressing his employer. “Wes has been a really good worker since we gave him the opportunity,” Richard said.


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