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Volunteer firefighters in the Orange and Cabonne region will have the benefit of a transportable control centre that will help look after the welfare of crews at the scene of an incident.
Desperate poverty haunts the Tara region. OCTEC are doing their part to assist the next generation break the cycle.
When the Come Together Choir turned up for their usual Tuesday morning rehearsal they had no idea of the generosity heading their way.
Nine people are lost to suicide every day in Australia. Unfortunately, I’ve lost four friends to suicide within just one decade.
We’ve always worked with participants to achieve pre-employment goals and inspire parents to re-enter the workforce.
Our teams in Lismore, Mullumbimby and Byron Bay are recovering physically following horrific flood events in the past few months.
TtW joins Job Active under the Workforce Australia service agreement. OCTEC has become one of the largest providers of TtW in the country.